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7 Types of Logos for Your Next Business Logo Design

Logo Designing Sep 2, 2022

Your awesome business idea is through, and you are ready with your execution plan. It is time to design a business logo for your company. How do you want the audience to perceive your business as a business person? What should remind them of your logo? Finding the best logos like 'Apple' or 'McDonalds' is not impossible; only you need to offer the foundational legwork. In this blog, We'll be going over 7 types of logos with examples and what makes them unique.


The logo is designed using just the company name in a text format. All types of logos with names heavily focused on the brand's chosen typography and colors.

Example: Coca-Cola, Google, Visa

Pictorial Mark

These logos include a symbol or imagery to represent the brand. These images are unique, memorable, and closely connected with the brand name. If you want to highlight a brand's personality, the pictorial mark is one of the best types of logos for you.

Example: Twitter, Apple, Target

Letter Mark

This logo style is quite similar to the word mark style with one specific difference - it uses only the initials of a business name. The eye-catching and unique font with the right initials can be a great choice if your company name is bigger to add.

Example: HBO, IBM, McDonald

Abstract Mark

It is similar to the pictorial mark, but the image used is not evident or directly connected with the business name. Being abstract, these logos are highly unique and of the kind. These logos are a bit risky as people need to manually associate the logo with the brand first, but if the brand gets popular, these logos can do wonders.

Example: Pepsi, Adidas


These types of logos involve fun and cartoonish illustrated characters to make the logo more memorable and engaging. The businesses that wish to target the complete family, from children to adults, usually go for a mascot type of logo.

Example: KFC, Pringles, Wendy's


The emblem logos show text inside a symbol. These types of logos in graphic design are rare as they are highly detailed and may include custom typography. If you are a traditional or vintage company, you can go for emblem types logos.

Example: BMW, Starbucks

Combination Mark

As the name depicts, a combination mark logo is created by combining a word or letter with a pictorial or abstract image. This logo can offer multiple visual cues to the audience, making it perfect for a new business.

Example: Pizza Hut, Puma


Logo designing for a business is a creative process as the logos set the foundation of brand identity for a business. Design is in the subtle details, and the creative thought process adds much-needed uniqueness to your logo design in photoshop. ProAlley offers interactive courses with hands-on learning, such as Adobe Illustrator Essentials and Illustration Artist Adobe Bundle (Photoshop + Illustrator). These courses can help you build the foundational knowledge of logo designing for different types of logos and how to use Adobe tools to create visually stunning logos.

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