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A Beginners Guide on How to Design a Logo in Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Aug 29, 2022

Have you ever crossed paths with a big brand without a logo? No, right? Because there is no such brand that can function and thrive without a good logo. A logo is the first line of communication between a brand and its consumers, impacting how they perceive the brand. A graphic designer has to tackle making a logo in Photoshop sooner or later. And many of you have questions such as where to start. Which software to use to create a logo? Is simple logo design in Photoshop possible? How should I match the colors?

Don't fret! This handy guide will introduce you to the complete process of logo making, so read on to learn how to make a logo in Photoshop.

5 Quick steps for logo designing in Photoshop for beginners!

  1. Lay the Groundwork

Logos define and communicate the personality of a brand uniquely. Do the groundwork to understand the company, its products/services, and competitors' logos. Your groundwork will help you choose the right design direction, and getting a further consensus on your logo design will be much easier.

2.  Sketch Out Some Basic Ideas

Take out your pencil and sketchbook, and let your creative juices flow! In this process, you have complete freedom to explore with sketching and scribbling to find possibly good logo ideas with the right typography, shape, and composition. If your ideas start to dry up, go back to your groundwork for more inspiration.

3. Choose the Right Color Scheme and Logo Theme

Logo colors have a major impact on the viewers. For example, food companies use red and yellow, as these colors can make the viewers hungrier. What impact does your client's brand have on their consumers? Should it be soothing and calm? Or exciting and loud? Pick logo colors that match the tone of the brand. Choosing the colors will help you figure out other parts of logo design, such as typography, shapes, and overall design, and simplify the process of making a logo in Photoshop.

4. Compare with Your Groundwork

Glance back at your groundwork and ensure your final logo design meets your criteria. Those criteria include uniqueness, scalability, memorability, the accuracy of the brand message, and other personal aspects of the client's business.

5. Get Colleague and Customer Input

Feedbacks are crucial before finalizing the logo design. You can turn to your friends, colleagues, or even a few previous customers for quick feedback. It would be best if you got feedback on the following questions,

  • What message does this logo communicate?
  • Does the logo fit the overall image of the brand?
  • Is the logo memorable and unique?


Logo design seems confusing at first, but once you walk through the basic theory concepts and enough practice, logo designing for business becomes a fun job. It's a creative process, so don't fret from experimenting and stay curious about new typographies, shapes, and compositions. If you are interested to learn the know-how of how to design a logo in detail, you are just in the right place.

At ProAlley, we work closely with many beginner-level graphic designers tackling the logo-making process and know their struggles. Our Adobe Photoshop Essentials course and Adobe Illustrator Essentials course cover the logo-making lessons in detail.


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