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Introduction to Logo Designing for Beginners

Logo Designing Sep 2, 2022

Did you know the logo designing process is ancient? Yes! Ancient Egyptians originally used hieroglyphics to brand and identify their possessions. Later in medieval times, logos were used in the military to distinguish different military statuses. Today the logo in graphic design is pretty common, and brands across the globe try to have a unique logo that represents their brand persona visually.

In this blog, we will try to find the answers to a few of the basic things, such as what is a logo, what is logo designing, what are the different elements of a logo, and what software do graphic designers use for logos?

A logo is a unique symbol with either text, image, or combination to help users easily identify different brands and differentiate. Every business journey starts with a logo with the ultimate aim of being easily recognizable by everyone and becoming a popular brand.

What is Logo Design?

In simple words, logo design is designing a unique and memorable logo for a specific brand. A logo designer visually represents a business with a simple design, including the business name, picture, typography, or combination. 7 types of logo design offer a broader outlook on creating logos and representing your business and brand message suitably.

A logo isn't just a picture; it is the first and best mode of communication for a business with an audience to share its brand message. Squeezing so much information in a small picture is a daunting task, but with a good understanding of various logo elements, the job becomes simpler!

1. Simplicity

The simpler logo always prevails as they are easy to understand, clear, and to the point. These logos are also memorable and make a brand recall simpler.

2. Relevancy

Relevancy is essential in a logo to make it targeted and purposeful. A relevant logo sends a clear message to the audience and helps them to associate it with emotion.

3. Versatility

A logo is used everywhere by a company for its marketing and branding purposes. It is used on a website, brochures, visiting cards, social media banners, product packaging, and more. The designers need to be mindful of its versatility so it can adapt to different platforms seamlessly.

4. Uniqueness

The competition is steep, and logos with unique and quirky features easily stand out in the crowd. The logo should set the business and brand message apart to achieve that much-needed competitive edge with uniqueness.

5. Memorable

Engaging and memorable logo design has a long way to go. The logo should help the audience recall certain elements even after seeing them briefly.

Software for Logo Designing

Many different software are used for logo designing, namely Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Inkscape, etc. Adobe Illustrator is an industry-standard for logo designing and offers various tools to create and modify vector art. CorelDRAW is another popular tool for logo design. With its Live Sketch Tool, you can transform freehand sketches into precise graphics.


Logo designing is like an advantage in the true sense. You get a shorter canvas to depict almost everything about a brand to create a sizable impact on the audience. Creativity, precision, and practice are essential to designing good and memorable logos. ProAlley offers courses such as Adobe Illustrator Essentials online and CorelDRAW Essentials certificate course to help you learn this software in detail and the nuances of logo designing.

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