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Key Aspects to Learn About Being a Motion Graphics Designer

Getting Started Sep 22, 2022

Anyone who has binge-watched Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings and loved the awe-inspiring grand scenes knows the fun and impact of motion graphics on a viewer. Motion graphics are evolving with technology and new-age concepts, increasing the demand for motion graphics designers. In this blog, we will discuss motion graphics designer skills, the average salary of a motion graphics designer, and how to become a motion graphics designer.

What does a motion graphics designer do?

Motion designers, sometimes simply called motion designers, create artwork for the web, television, or film. This can include movie trailers, trailers, commercials, title sequences, and more. They use visual effects, animation and other cinematic techniques to bring their creations to life. They design motion graphics, as their title suggests.

By animating graphics and creating stunning visual effects, motion graphic designers take movies, websites, ads to the next level. With the growing popularity of online video content, a motion graphic designer can find himself working on almost anything, on any digital platform.

Motion Graphics Designer Skills

Being a motion graphics designer requires creativity, passion, and out-of-box thinking. Apart from that, there are a bunch of technical skills to master, which are:


Motion graphics are all about the movement, motion, and pathway, just like a story! Storyboarding skills are essential for motion designers to follow a clear and defined pathway. A storytelling approach and skills in motion graphics make the work more engaging and relatable to the audience.


Creating a perfect motion graphic is simple if you have hands-on practice in creating motion graphics in After Effects or other similar tools. Still, your creativity will set apart your work and offer a competitive edge. Uniqueness is quite essential, and your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking will do wonders for you.

Understanding of Animation

The world of animation and its rules work differently than our real world and the rules of physics. As a motion graphic designer, you must work on 2D elements with unique creativity and bring them to life. To achieve this successfully, you need to have a basic understanding of animation, including 12 principles of animation and how to create appealing work which you can learn in our After Effect course.


Motion graphics is not only based on expertise in tools or creativity; timing is also a highly essential skill. Motion graphics follow a natural flow and rhythm and should also fit with other elements like sound.

Understanding of Surfacing, Texturing and Lighting

To your audience, everything in the video is just moving shapes and images. However, it is not easy for you. A motion artist must look beyond shapes and images, and get the texture right. If the texture of the chart is not of high quality, it will appear bland on the screen.

So, an artist who wants to be a successful motion designer must have solid structural knowledge and skills. He/she should know all about the surface and how it helps to create a lifelike 3D graphic.

The artist must be skilled at combining the right coating - reflective, matte, matte, glossy, transparent or refracted. Knowing which one to use is a skill set. Not only that, having a legitimate idea of ​​the lighting effects is also essential.

Disorganized lighting creates an illusion in the audience's eyes that any animator would never have intended. And when the lighting is adequate and appropriate, the graphics are even more realistic and vibrant.

What are Career options in Motion Graphics?

Motion graphic designers can work in almost any industry related to electronic displays! They can find work in: marketing, retail, technology, video games, television and film, including motion design studios, television networks, film studios, video game companies, companies technology companies, corporations, nonprofits, startups, etc. They can find this position in full-time and contract roles or freelance. There are mainly in-person opportunities for motion graphic designers, but remote positions are increasingly available, especially for freelancers. Motion graphic designers work in a fast-paced environment, for 40 hours a workweek, on a schedule based on deadlines and projects, working double time only if assigned to television or film.

Average Salary of a Motion Graphics Designer

A Motion graphics artist works on creating different animations, montage graphics, pack shots, text effects, and many other similar elements. These motion graphics skills are used in movies, ads, and song videos. A motion graphics designer's salary is around 4.2 to 4.5 LPA. In India, this salary ranges from 4 to 9 LPA, based on their skills and experience.

How to Become a Motion Graphics Designer?

Becoming a motion graphics designer is challenging, as it requires a robust portfolio. The requirement of a strong portfolio is still here, but a degree in animation is not a strict eligibility criterion today to land a job as a motion graphics designer.


At ProAlley, we have simplified the learning process for all who are creative and willing to make a career in motion graphics designing. We give special impetus to motion graphic designing courses to help you upscale your skills in motion graphics designing. We offer self-paced learning with complete guidance and practice to help to excel. Our ProPlus plan users also receive personalized mentorship, guidance to build a strong portfolio, and placement assistance.

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