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Everything You Should Know About Typography in 2022

Getting Started Aug 31, 2022

Typography is everywhere! We come across various typography every day around without even realizing it. We see it on websites, packages, newspapers, magazines, and books we read. Typography impacts our perception of a product and publication in a big way! Unique and visually appealing typography arouses curiosity, puts a brand in the spotlight, and makes it look attractive. Let's understand the buzz around the typography magic in detail.

What is Typography?

The meaning of typography is quite simple! It's a visual representation of text using design principles, colors, font, lettering, and several other aspects. It comprises a style of different fonts, appearances, and structures to evoke specific emotions in the eyes of the viewers and convey the intended message. So avoiding the complexities of typography definition, in simple words, typography is what brings the text to life.

Why is Typography Important?

In today's highly competitive space, staying unique is the key to success, and every brand strives to achieve that uniqueness. When we see the curvy letter 'M' in yellow, we immediately think of McDonald's Burger, or the stylish red colored 'H&M' instantly represents the global fashion clothing brand. Good typography sets the brand's tone and establishes a strong visual representation.

While designing a website, the simple, clean, attractive typography grabs the user's attention and engages them. Typography plays a crucial role in making your website visually appealing and memorable, eventually influencing viewers in positive decision-making. Our Adobe Illustrator Essentials and Adobe Photoshop Essentials courses offer detailed knowledge of typography and its digital representation.

What is Typography Design?

Typography design is the art of arranging common text to make it stand out. The typography design process involves a series of decisions such as choosing the right typeface, selecting the proper point size, adjusting kerning and line spacing, and composing a sensible and stunning layout.

5 Quick Tips for Typography Design

1. Maintain Visual Hierarchy

A good visual hierarchy in fonts and sizes helps viewers determine the essential bits of information among the whole design. Properly maintained visual hierarchy guides the viewer's eye to the most important things.

2. Use Grids for Balance

Symmetry and visual harmony are the keys to good design, and grids help us to ensure the right placement of elements in our design. Grids will help to maintain the necessary balance in your design.

3. Limit Your Typeface Combinations

Unique font combinations can work wonders, but overusing this trick may push your typography into a complex puzzle. Limit the use of fonts and typefaces to 2 or 3 to create clean, legible, and composed typography.

4. Do Not Distort Your Fonts

Many designers, even the pros, make the mistake of distorting or stretching the font and making it lose its alignment and value. Understand the difference between font distortion and font manipulation to maintain visual harmony in typography.

5. Understand the Contrast

The readability of a font is impacted by the black and white, different shades of grey, and color balance. You can adjust elements such as font size, leading, kerning, font weight, and margins to balance contrast.


Typography design skills are valuable and are in high demand. Learning the basics of typography and daily practice can help designers to improve their typography design skills and understanding. ProAlley also offers courses, such as CorelDRAW Essentials and Adobe InDesign Essentials, where typography is one of the major learning aspects of scale.

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