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Everything you need to know: Why is a Graphic Designing a popular career option in these testing times?

Graphic Design Jan 3, 2022

The journey of finding the right career path often seems like a roller-coaster ride. You might have questions like which road do you take when there are so many twists and turns ahead to land your dream job? Where do they all lead? When it comes to picking a career, it is always critical to select one to flourish. You don't want to do anything that just covers the bills; you need one that pushes you to find creative ways to solve issues and where no two days seem to be the same.

Graphic design is a fantastic career choice for those who like art, technology, and communication. Graphic designers have numerous possibilities to work on various fresh and fascinating projects because design is an essential aspect across every sector. A graphic designer may witness the real-world influence of their work, making it a gratifying job. In this article, we have tried to cover all the meaningful graphic designer career-related questions you might have. Graphic designing is one of the most pleasing employment possibilities for budding designers and professionals with an Adobe Photoshop certification and other essential skills for the designing sector.

Scope of Graphic Design in India

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A picture says more than a thousand words; this is a well-known adage that has been shown time and time again to be true. Graphic design is a visual communication technique that uses a string of words, pictures, and concepts to communicate a message to the audience. Graphic designers' work can be seen on websites, in games, in an advertisement, in film, and even in the branding and logos of things you have recently bought.

The digital world is here to stay, and graphic designing has already established itself as a necessary component. Therefore, it isn't easy to conceive a brand or business that doesn't include graphic design. This means that budding graphic designers with a relevant skills have a tremendous amount of opportunities to build their careers in the designing world.

Career Prospects Of The Graphic Designer With Relevant Adobe Photoshop Certification 

Graphic designers may readily find work in nearly any sector. After finishing a professional graphic design school, Adobe photoshop certification, or any relevant graphic designing course such as a photoshop course, a designer will have various options in the field to pursue.

There are several options for the sort of job that a designer may choose. While some people want to work for companies or news organizations, others prefer to be their employers and work as freelancers. Graphic design offers steady employment prospects in a variety of fields.

Where Can A Proficient Graphic Designer Find Suitable Job Options?

Publishing agencies 

Physical copies of content, literature, information, or music are produced in mass by the publishing industry and distributed/sold to its relevant audience. While the publishing business used to be limited to print items like magazines, brochures, journals, directories, and books, technological developments have now allowed the sector to branch into e-books, online magazines, and online newspapers and the production of other digital content.

In the publishing industry, graphic designers are responsible for selecting art forms, photographs, typography, creating layouts for entire magazines or books, designing covers, supplying artwork, coordinating photoshoots, editing pictures, and collaborating with photographers and illustrators.

Advertising And Marketing Sector 

Graphic designers can work in the advertising and marketing sectors and for firms that manage influential brand clientele. They may be given one or more brand accounts to work on, where they will create still or motion visuals for print, television, or online marketing.

Being a skilled graphic designer, your primary goal is to draw clients' interest in the brand's services or products. The layouts should breathe life into the message, represent the products' USPs, and encourage conversions to boost the brand's sales, revenues, and profit. Most agencies operate on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Corporate branding industries 

Even the most existing companies' logos, color palettes, typography, website design, and mobile applications may become drab and uninteresting with time, necessitating continual refinement and upgrading. Graphic designers might collaborate with companies that offer corporate branding and consultancy services to assist customers in keeping their brand's visual identity up to date with current industry standards.

Designers here educate and inform companies about new design trends and assist them in upgrading their logos, embracing current trends to attract new consumers, refining the brand stories, and guaranteeing long-term success.

Why is our online platform is the most effective way of learning Photoshop courses?

Online Learning
Online Learning

There are many beginner-friendly, cost-effective, up-to-date, and practical knowledge-driven Photoshop courses available online to grow your graphic design skills exponentially. In addition to instructor-led video lessons, the online training includes placement assistance for locating good internship/job possibilities, one-on-one mentor sessions, projects & assignments, and downloadable training resources to help you professionally. If you are looking for an effective way to expand your learning horizon, we have the best way to learn Adobe Photoshop.

Do you need relevant experience to become a graphic designer?

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Many companies seek graphic designers that have worked in the real world. You may have this experience in a variety of ways. While many companies prefer practical job experience, design portfolios, volunteering initiatives, and internships may demonstrate your abilities.

The majority of graphic design positions demand at least one year of experience, while smaller businesses are more flexible.

If you don't have much experience, a good portfolio that includes various personal projects that you might have done during your Photoshop course will help companies get interested in you. If you have Adobe Photoshop certification, you can start freelance work straight away while applying for graphic design jobs to expand your portfolio. Building a  portfolio  will exhibit your talents to potential clients regardless of how you begin.


The world is growing extremely competitive, putting us in a position where no assurance can be expected at any time. Every moment is uncertain, but one thing is sure in these testing times: the digital sector will continue growing. Graphic design is a professional path brimming with possibilities.

ProAlley, being one of the finest online platforms to learn to design, offers various graphic design courses that you may participate in to learn and enhance your design abilities.  Here are some of our fun graphic design courses you can join now.

Easy Adobe Photoshop tutorials for beginners.

Easy CorelDRAW tutorials for beginners

Learn Image Processing Workflow with Adobe Lightroom

Happy Learning!


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